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Did the routine maintenance fix anything?

Hi Fiverr’ss

Does anyone know if the maintenance performed on Sunday actually fixed any known issues?
Poor streaming audio bitrate was not fixed this I know.


I don’t know if it fixed something, or even if it was meant to fix anything, but I continue not having sound notifications and fonts are still grey, making it impossible to read. :rage:


I haven’t noticed anything but the app now got an update too and they killed the hamburger menu on the top and have a symbol bar on the bottom now, so re-conditioning of where to look and click is needed.
Still needs a clickathon to be able to see the buyer review after leaving mine, that’s so annoying I might stop looking at my reviews lol.


haven’t noticed anything but the app updated :face_with_monocle:

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Another buyer complaining they paid but no order was created…
Now do I do three hours work for a regular client without an order but who needs it done within a day or do I wait a day for support to respond to the buyer and the buyer be let down…

I know the answer should be to wait but I hate seeing clients messed around like this so I’m going to do it and have it ready to deliver.