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Did the seller page get an update?

I used to have a bar at the top of my seller page that had all the links I needed (home, gigs, orders, earnings etc.) but now it seems to have disappeared. I’m hoping I just disabled this by accident since it was quite useful for getting around!

Edit: [franklegacy] solved my issue, turns out that my screen was a bit smaller than it needed to be so i had the reduced version of the fiverr toolbar.

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Mine is the same as always.

May be you switched to buying. My page is the same with menus. Please recheck

I’m definitely on the seller page as I’m looking at my open gigs, however the only option i have at the top is “messages” rather than the full list… Very strange.

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Here is all I can see on my page.

Ok, please do this “Ctrl+F5”. I don’t know if it is yet wrong

Still the same unfortunately.

The 3 lines at the side of your screen indicate that the resolution of your monitor might have changed. So try stretching your browser to the right or left or increasing your screen resolution… Also by clicking on the 3 lines you will notice all the links you mentioned are there

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Did you try a different browser?

Did you try closing your browser and reopening it?

@franklegacy has given some great suggestions. However, in case what he has suggested doesn’t work (in your particular case), it is possible that your browser page in which you have Fiverr open is zoomed in.

In order to reset the zoom level back to the default value of 100%, please try the following shortcut:

For Windows OS:
Ctrl + 0 (the number key zero)

For Mac OS:
Cmd + 0 (the number key zero)

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You’re a lifesaver! I was slightly smaller than full screen and that seems to have triggered the reduction of text. Thanks so much.