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Did this happen to you?

I provide my translation services, and as you know, you can’t get a cheaper place than Fiverr (no other place) to get your work done.
It was my first order when someone asked to translate a text for him, my offer was very clear in my gig and was very cheap for someone providing localisation services. Anyway, a guy asked me to translate an article for him, but in the order, he paid for it clearly stated 250w. I thought that he did not understand the offer, so I delivered the first part which was 250w that is 1/10 of the whole article. Two days later the client messaged back, and he was “surprized” that I did not translate the entire thing. Before that, I already sent him a message explaining that he should pay more than 1x quantity to get the needed amount. He was angry that I did not translate the who thing which I felt was ridiculous (it seems as he was playing ignorant). He said that I should have sent him a custom offer, which seemed desperate to me because my offer was already cheap for the quality that I deliver. However, what took me by surprise is that he said that is how he deals with other translators.
I am asking for the love of God why would a buyer reduce the price of his services when it is already that cheap. To be honest, I don’t want to be desperate to get an offer, and I am outraged that buyers are that desperate because they are ruining it for their own selves.
Please tell me what you think? because I am confused


You don’t actually need to send a separate custom offer.
If someone orders a 250 words gig and sends you, e.g., 1000 words, you can send them a “custom extra” for the additional words, and you can also put more days in then if needed. If the buyer is honest, they can then accept that custom extra.
Of course, they might also not be honest and speculate on you doing more work for no more money, and not accept or reject the custom extra offer.

In the latter case, you run into the problem that probably time is running out, so if you have that happening often, you could adjust your delivery time, so it leaves the customer some time to reply, respectively leaves you time to ask support to cancel the order for you if it’s clear they won’t accept the custom extra or already rejected it. (make it a point to check new orders ASAP, to see if there are more words than paid for, so you can react ASAP too).

Not nice of course to sacrifice one’s competitive delivery times because some buyers abuse the system, but you have to think that through and set your gigs up the way it helps you most/harms you the least.

Also, if you haven’t already, you can write contact me for a custom offer for more than (250) words in your gig, but that only helps with some people, others ignore or don’t even read the gig description in the first place.


Yeah, reacting immediately could solve that, but you know how time zones are.
I will try to bear with Fiverr for the time being.
Thanks for the info, I appreciate that.

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