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Did you buy your gig cover photo on fiverr?


I’m interested in getting some quality cover photos made for my gigs. Doing a brief search for the service didn’t provide me with tons of inspiration, but maybe i’m not using the right search terms.

Do you have any amazing experiences with a seller who made your cover photos?

Can you recommend the best search terms to use when looking for this service?

I tried “fiverr gig cover photo,” “gig cover photo,” and “fiverr cover photo.” The last two pulled up mostly facebook cover photo gigs. Then again, many of those have pretty decent gig images of their own… Maybe that’s the route I should go.

This post is not for advertising your own image creation services.

I appreciate your advice and\or suggestions.

Thank you.


I designed my gig images myself. Simple though.

You make use of canva website and design yours. Or Adobe products (Illustrator or Photo shop).


I’m using linux, and made mine with pinta, which is mostly like paint in windows. I also have gimp which is super powerful, and way over my head.

A brief look at the canva website leads me to think that would be an excellent way to bump up the quality of my cover photos!

:bow: Thank You @reliableva2906!!!

I need to up my image editing game, this tip is the perfect thing to take me to the next level!


you’re welcome.

I make use of Adobe products for designing but most of my covers were made in Canva (I wanted to make an update really fast)

Canva is great but the templates are easily recognizable.

Make use of the presentation size and one page is needed. It will be give a clear and nicely fitted cover.

Stay well.


Just search “gig image” you will get lots of gig to provide your service
Thank you


of course, @tareqe now its obvious to me :flushed:

As much as I want to make my own, I think I’m too busy, haha. I won’t always be busy though :man_shrugging:


Hey there! Most Photoshop gig people must be able to do you some cool gig covers. So if you have ever tried a seller, you could contact them :slight_smile:


I hired an artist :art: whose work I liked to draw my image. I also have hired her to create different outfits :tshirt: for me to go with the seasons. :fallen_leaf: :snowflake: :sunflower: :parasol_on_ground: But I do suppose changing your clothes on your gig image is something you are interested in. :thinking:


haha, probably not. But that’s a neat idea to have a different gig image for each season!


I just put on my Memorial Day/Fourth of July shirt today.