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Did you earn more or less in June 2018 compared to May 2018?

How did June 2018 compare to May 2018?
Did you earn more or less in June compared to May 2018?

Please fill in the poll (you can add a slight amount to the June amount to account for the slight difference in number of days).

  • Earned more in May 2018 than June 2018
  • Earned about the same in May 2018 as in June 2018
  • Earned more in June 2018 than in May 2018

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Do you think the differences in earnings are likely to be due to Fiverr changes on the site (such as search filters or service charges etc.)?

  • Yes, likely due to site changes
  • No, not likely due to site changes
  • I don’t know

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I think, You should Ask to FIVERR ACCOUNT DEPARTMENT :smile: you’ll get overall result in 1 reply :wink:

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Had my best ever month in May and had my second best ever in June - in June I spent three weeks on Out of Office mode as regulars kept placing orders, had a major plumbing emergency, and just wanted to clear my queue. If I had stayed available June would have been higher.


Definitely there is an issue with Fiverr side. I dunno where.
But It really exists…! Fiverr please do something.

My June sales were much better than May even though I was Out of Office for a week! :wink:

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When one has a bad month: Fiverr’s search algorithms are screwing me and the site is going downhill.
When one has a good month: This is entirely due to my own ability as a seller.





Last month I earned $1580 and most orders were custom orders from loyal buyers.
I messaged to my each and every loyal buyers to get some orders. How it works now.

I think there is something wrong with the algo.

June I only have few return buyers (thanks god), no any new buyers and I’m pretty sure it have something to do with the extra service fee introduced in the end of May. It used to have enquiries even no sales. This is pretty rare on fiverr after all these years, at least it’s on Design category as I knew. This is something we can’t fix, we only can pray really.


Of course!! I messaged to all my loyal buyers to get some orders so that’s how I earned in last month but I’m afraid that I couldn’t do it again and again.

I never have messaged to my steady buyers. I do not want to annoy them. I figure when they are ready to order they will. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Actually some buyers were very busy so I will put a reminder to them. Specially to the loyal buyers who paid me more than $500 OR ordered more than 10 gigs.

Yes, they gave me more orders always… You know, I have a pretty good customer base in Fiverr.
I think it is more than 15,000 now.