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Did you ever work with a client who does NOT communicate with you?

By any chance did you ever meet a buyer who doesn’t communicate with you? Once I received an order from a buyer with very less details. I replied him asking the required details in order to process his order. I sent him several messages and was waiting for many days but there was no single reply from him. Since the order timing was getting close to end, I did the design with the details I received & forwarded it to him and I marked the order as delivered. Then he suddenly popped out & left me a review saying that my communication was not good. I was like :scream: :scream: :scream:


When I need additional information from a buyer, I request it and wait a few hours. After that, I send an additional message advising that if I don’t get a reply soon I will be forced to cancel the order, stating Fiverr’s time limits and inner workings as the issue. If I still haven’t received a reply after some time I deem acceptable, I just cancel the order.

Generally, customers that do not reply within a reasonable time are either not really invested in the order, or don’t respect the seller, so they are best avoided, ALWAYS. Risking a poor rating by some entitled bigot is not worth a few bucks, and will ultimately drive away more business than that money is worth.

There are some cases where the customer had a genuine problem (e.g., illness, personal problem). In that case, they will be understanding of the reason for the cancellation, and will even probably apologize for not getting back to you sooner.


@diegow Yes indeed. I accept that there some cases that the buyer had a genuine problem. But my concern is the other buyers who don’t reply purposely. I don’t understand why they behave like that, as we have mentioned all the required details in our gig description. In my case I asked him the reason why he gave me a that kind of a review, because he was the one who didn’t communicate at all. Then he was dumb. :no_mouth:

The problem is when we get several unresponsive clients we cannot cancel all orders. Because then the cancellation ratio of the gig will increase. :thinking:

no gig cancellation increases when buyer initiates it. to avoid it, you have to initiate yourself.

Your issue with the buyer is simple, the fiverr app does not receive all the messages and does not show them. in such cases, i check my buyer’s last seen time and then i inbox them after every 5-10 hours!! i message separately in order and then again in personal inbox. because i know the buyer is unaware of the messages. in case the buyer is online and is still not replying it means he/she has not refreshed the app or desktop page. there are glitches in fiverr pages as you have to refresh to avoid getting offline.

if u have tried all these methods, then i am sorry you had a terrible client :joy:


I did, but he didn´t communicate at all, neither before, during, nor after the work, nor in a review, so that was fine :smiley_cat:
He had ordered my basic gig, but his file was about double the word count. It wasn´t many words all in all though and I figured it hadn´t been on purpose (he had ordered once before, with zero communication also and the word-count fit), so I just did it, delivered and mentioned it was more words in my delivery message, he tipped me the price of the basic gig, which covered it, all without a word lol I found the whole ‘interaction’ quite fun. because almost all of my orders are custom orders, so I´m used to more communication,
but getting a bad review for bad communication in spite of having sent him several message isn´t funny of course - did you ask him if he got your messages? Maybe they got filtered and somehow ended up in his spam or something.

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As long as the cancellation is mutual (both sides agree to it), it doesn’t matter who initiated it.


@interpretivist I tried all those methods and Yes he is a terrible client. Because fiverr App function (delaying messages) didn’t effect to this buyer. Because there were no reasons for him to NOT receive my messages for 6 days. Neither App or the page will take 6 days to update messages or notifications. By the way Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

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I have buyers like that all the time.

But, I never work if I don’t have enough details. Just because I had experience before like you now.

Funny thing is, they aren’t replying, and when you deliver it, minute after they are requesting modification with note, “this is not what I wanted”…
Or another type of buyers. You deliver them and nothing. Almost 3 days passed, few hours left till it is marked as completed, and they request modification. You do modification, again almost 3 days and again modification.

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Last year, I did a test of delivering exactly what my gig stated, even in the information from the buyer was woefully lacking. I would send them a message. Three, in fact: the first one saying “plz moar info”, the second offering a cancellation and the third reminding them that if I did not hear from them in xyz time, I would deliver (outline of what I would deliver).

Nobody complained, bar someone who came back complaining that their $5 gig hadn’t delivered the $50 results, learing a 1-star unacceptable experience . CS removed it, as I could prove that I had done everything possible to contact the seller and make it right.

So, communicate with them. If they don’t communicate with you, make it clear that you’re going to do XYZ and deliver it. When they cry later and leave 1-star reviews, take it to CS.

Simple, really. There is a lot of learned helplessness on Fiverr.


Wow you are a lucky girl :clap: The only 2 messages I received from him were the Order message (with insufficient details) and the Review. Of course I asked him whether he received my messages & I sent him a screenshot of my order page which shows the messages I sent him. But he was dumb. :no_mouth:

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I’ve had clients drop the requirements and disappear until the voice over was delivered. Some didn’t even rate (just waited for the 3 days after delivery and the sale got automatically marked as completed), and some others just drop a 5 star rating and disappear once again. We truly are one interesting species :joy:


@arty182925 EXACTLY! Oh, boy. Don’t know whether it’s the universal rule of buyers behaviour. There aren’t replying at all and at the last minute requesting modification or simply say “this is not what I wanted” after all been done. :tired_face:

Just remember.

There are buyers who requesting modification saying something that doesn’t makes sense at all. Then I asked them about it and they never reply. Few messages over few days and nothing.

After a while, I decided to redeliver it, minute after buyer requesting modification with copied words from before. So yeah, there are some terrible buyers. Usually bad buyers are ones that made account in current month tho


@emmaki Good point. You are really lucky since nobody complained & you received only one bad buyer who left 1-star review. But some sellers get many unresponsive clients because some fields need more information from the buyer. By the way Thanks for sharing. :thumbsup:

@torrelles Ha ha Yes. Disappearance is good but without giving an unacceptable review :smile:

Sure, it does depend on the gig. Sometimes I get nothing but a link to a website and “thanks”.

I usually write a blog or article that seems relevant. There’s no luck involved here: I am very good at what I do, and I make sure that I’m delivering exactly what I promise and all my bases are covered. I imagine 99% of buyers realize they’re the idiot and just slink off. No luck. Just a touch of arrogance, I suppose :wink:

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Just having a buyer that I will probably get 1 star. I have “spidey sense” like @emmaki is saying…

To make it short.

Buyer wanted extra fast presentation. Gave me his presentation and examples of what he likes.

I gave him 2 slide sample of new design and stuff. He agreed on it saying all good.

I made whole presentation. Delivered it and 2 days nothing. He replied yesterday with, you didn’t do nothing, you just changed template, I need this and that and again this and that. Adding completely new to it that he never asked for.

And last sentence was, I expected much more from Top Rated Seller like you…

Oh yeah, he made account this month…

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I had a client with at first no communication, I did the work, submitted and asked if there are any revisions required to feel free to let me know, silence, next thing I know, I get a tip, excellent review with 5 stars, then I send a thank you note, and the client replied with short but nice message.

My point is sometimes clients might be busy, and just want the work done and that is about it, but sure if the order is not clear and no respond from the client, that is a tough one, also there are freelancers who try to communicate too much in order to connect closer to the client for marketing purposes perhaps, it could backfire. Remember to keep in mind, people are different and you will always get sometimes excellent clients, other times a painful clients, part of the business. Good luck all


If he leaves a 1-star review, I’d say you’ve got a pretty good chance of getting it removed as he had agreed it was good and he liked it prior to the final delivery. As for TRS grumblings, this meme sums it up (insert your own commentary!):


Hopefully they will.

Before few months I had similar situation and support said they don’t see where buyer agreed to it. It was 3 stars or something back then.

And I should send that image to buyer lol