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Did you ever work with a client who does NOT communicate with you?


No :confused: Not even the single word. Redeliver was not a problem for me. It’s only feel bad for having 4,5 stars rate with only 2 review. It doesn’t attracts anyone now.


I can understand. But what if you contact the buyer and explain the situation? May be he will change his mind and edit the review to 5. Besides, it’s not your fault and it was his fault that he didn’t mention that he wants it in Polish.

You know what, sometimes buyers erroneously leave the review. Once one of my good buyers contacted me saying she used mobile to give me a review and erroneously it came as a 4.5. So she wanted to fix it to 5 and requested me to send her an offer to edit the order.

So don’t give up. Let’s contact the buyer and see. If he agrees to edit the review then you can send Review changing offer by clicking “Resolve Now”(on the order page) and then click the relevant radio button.


@angelwish Thank you for advice. I will try :slight_smile:


@czarekpiast Yes try it out & let us know what happens okay :thumbsup:


I guess he mean 1 star = Number one 1 star



@djgodknows Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:


@angelwish Good Topic. Thanks for starting this Topic. Yes that’s true. I noticed that many sellers shared their experiences. I have the same experience regarding unresponsive buyers. :thinking:


Yes the $5 ones sometimes don’t bother to answer my messages.



You are very correct but in some cases we have to cancel, because if you don’t his/her review might push thousands of buyers away, NO
we have to cancel just one to avoid losing other jobs, have deal with such client also you just have to message the buyer telling him and making it clear to him that ignoring your messages will lead to cancellations, he might explain the cause of poor response, some are cause mainly because of time zone.

Additional tips
Always remember to cancel to avoid negative review also 7% cancel ratio is perfect.


I won’t argue, you are very correct, they want a very low budget but the won’t comply that’s the problem.


A very awesome tips, you said it all woo I don’t even believe someone could notice this on fiverr.


I’m actually expecting a buyer to give me a 1-star review for his mistake. He ordered my rewrite and keyword gig, which states that I will “rewrite one 400 word article and add in your keywords”. He sends me four requirements - add in the keyword, do it five times, leave it in active voice and have a percentage of transition words. Okay, I take his article he gives me - which is more than 400 words but easily able to get down to much less - and rewrite it, following his specifications.

Then yesterday, he comes back and says, No he wants an article on the keyword… Umm? That’s research and you never said you wanted XYZ. You provide me with an article and your specifications on a REWRITE gig… How AM I TO KNOW you wanted research of the keyword and article from it.?

So, I sent him back the file in a delivered format - and responded that if he wanted a researched article, he ordered incorrectly, but based on the specs that were initially provided for me, I had completed his order as described. It was his mistake but I refuse to back down unless I am made otherwise. It’s not my fault he ordered incorrectly, I only did as he had requested on the original order. There was no reason for me to ask questions because everything I needed was there.

I don’t provide research articles on most topics because I feel they need to be much more than $5… least that’s my standpoint.


I feel you. I have similar buyer at the moment. He agreed on design what I made him for example, and now he changed his mind or whatever. With note “I expected more from top rated seller”


@fantagiro Thanks. Yes that’s how they are. Challenge is to safeguard the gig WITHOUT getting a bad review and also WITHOUT cancelling the order. :slight_smile:


@misscrystal Absolutely. Most of the time it’s $5. Also there are cases that fake buyers do the same to get the refund after work is delivered.

@designit_247 Your point is exactly correct just for one order. But what if you receive several orders which customers don’t response? Are you going to cancel all the orders? I have noticed there are sellers have less rating for their gigs but still they are getting orders continuously. Challenge is to safeguard your gig without getting a bad review and also WITHOUT cancelling the order.

@emeraldawnn Buyers order one thing, after you deliver it, they request something else. So they can get done 2 work for the same cost. Did you explain the situation & did he reply?


Yes, I told him that, if he wanted a research article, he never stipulated as such - just gave me an article and instructions and that was it. I told him based on the information I was given in the initial order, I have fulfilled the order. I delivered it again and have not heard back yet. I didn’t hear back until noon yesterday about the initial delivery and suspect that’ll be the same way today. Of course, I responded within 30 minutes to his rejecting the order so he’s had more than 12 hours to respond… nothing yet.

Now, it’s just wait and see. I know it’s just $5 but it’s the principle of the matter. I did the work as described and now it’s a research article for something I don’t even offer service for.


@arty182925 what happened buddy? Did he reply?

@emeraldawnn Yes let’s wait and see. By the way you are Susan right? You know what, 2 years back buyer contacted me asking me to do a article re-writing job. She was very nice but I couldn’t help her as that was not a service that I provide. Those days she was new to fiverr so I went ahead and searched for Professional Writers. Guess who I found, Yes It was you. So I gave you profile link to her and later she contacted me and said you did an awesome job. :slight_smile:


Yes, it’s Susan, and thank you for that. I was glad to help whoever it was. I work hard to impress all clients the best way I can. Might you let me know who that person was by chance? You can PM me if you want.


Absolutely. Since it happened long time back (2 years) I don’t remember her name but I remember the incident. But I’ll check my Inbox messages when I’m free and will send you her name okay. :slight_smile: