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Did you expect to ever sell anything initially?

Were you surprised? how did you market yourself? and how many gigs have you done since your very first gig?

just curious

And I’m Keleigh by the way :blush:

New seller here, and I just completed my ninth order!
I wasn’t too surprised at first, and did some work at a price much lower than I probably should have, but I was surprised how quickly everything built up. All the sudden I had a bunch of people ordering at the same time. To be fair, it’s probably my own fault for submitting a whole bunch of buyer requests, and then waking up to see that someone had started an order without discussing anything with me.
Didn’t do much marketing, just went on buyer’s request and sent a lot of offers.
Also, I think this post might belong in Conversations? Maybe some mods can help move it?

I wasn’t too surprised.
I took a lot of time before setting up my gig to research, plan, and figure out what I was doing.
Today marks my one month anniversary of being a seller, and I’ve had 28 orders :slight_smile: The first week or two was slow, but things are picking up. However, I didn’t just “set it and forget it”. I have continued to learn, research, and market my gigs to ensure sales.


Refreshing to read a well written post (and profile and gigs, for that matter). Keep doing what you’re doing and you’re going places!

Thanks so much for the encouragement and praise! I try my best :slight_smile:
It would also be kind of unseemly for someone who claims to proofread to write posts littered with typos and grammatical mistakes :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve seen things you wouldn’t believe… This place is a cesspool xD

Yeah, I never cease to be surprised at the people who claim to be professional writers/editors and are still making three typos for every four words :joy:

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