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Did you find Buyer requests useful?

Hello Fiver community ,
i want to ask you about Buyer requests, did you find it useful on selling your gig and did you sell anything from your gigs using buyer requests? lately i’m sending some offers for people using it but till now it didn’t help me, have a good day everyone!

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When I was a new seller, I left tons of buyer requests, but I only received 1 order from them.

After I became a Level 1 seller, a lot more buyers started contacting me from buyer requests and I starting getting a more orders from the buyer requests!

In conclusion, not a huge percentage of my orders are from buyer requests, but I get a few every now and then!


from your experience, i understood it’s about your level more than the gig you offering no ? and thank you for replying!

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It also depends on the gig that you offer! For example, I have a logo design gig, and there are always tons of available buyer requests in that category. However, there are a lot of sellers that offer logo design, so it’s very competitive. I also have a Kahoot gig, which is in the surveys category, and there’s usually not very many buyer requests there.

As you move up to higher levels (Level 1, Level 2, TRS), more buyer requests will be available to you!