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Did you find promoted gig helpful?

What about your promoted gig experience? Are you satisfied? Let’s discuss.


Well, I am new. Not so much experience yet.

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I got $10 bonus to promote my gig. And that $10 is best worth. After that i spent another $20+. No result found.

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@raihansuman209 how do I access the promoted gig option. i can’t find it listed on my Fiverr page? where can I find it?

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@durlene Promoted Gigs are currently in Beta. It will eventually be rolled out to the Fiverr community at large.

@raihansuman209 ok, thank you

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Is your retro GIG promoted or all of them? Because I just searched and your retro logo gig is in first row on first page no matter what you search.

Others are not in the first page.

Can you share more information on this?

What do you pay for, clicks or orders, views?


Thank you marina. I pay for per click. Unfortunately I didn’t get any order last 3 days

What’s your search method? Manually or any specific tag you used?

I typed “retro logo” you are first, retro logo design you are first, unique retro logo design you are in first row.

I didn’t find it enough helpful. It’s as usual for me

Retro is not so high in demand. I never saw in buyers request retro logo. Maybe minimalist logo gig would be better.

You are wrong my friend.

what the matter of promoted gig can anybody help me how to use promoted gig feature

If you find this option just follow the video instructions. It’s very easy to use. Not sure about result.

Is the targeting detailed or does it give a simple interface with very less targeting methods, also can you please let me know the target CPC, you are getting, also in my niche, I think the first row is full of promoted gigs and those guys have 33 orders in queue with their basic starting from around 50$.

I see your niche is different

Can you please answer these?

It’s very simple interface. But if you don’t find this option very hard to explain how it’s work exactly