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Did you get this spam message?

So, I got this message,

“Hi, I like you very much. You are really amazing. I want to hookup with you.”

And there was a link added at the end of the conversation.

To be honest, I was intrigued. I thought I shouldn’t reply and take my time to think about this offer.

But when I came back after a few hours, I saw that fiverr has deleted her profile and marked her message as a spam.

My heart was shattered. I even cried. :’(

My love story ended even before it could start.

Please comment.

I got one today that said "I need someone to have sex with " and had a link after that. I reported it.

Ohh, They also targeted ladies :smiley:

I would have sent a picture of a right hand. A picture tells 1000 words, as they say.