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Did you get this survey today?

Woke up to another survey request today!
I think it is vital that when we are given the opportunity to answer queries or make our voice heard that we take it and actually think about what we say to them. So if you get the opportunity, take it by answering the questions and filling in your explanations.

This one was quite interesting in the question it asked. Perhaps an attempt to help Fiverr developers work on the things that really matter to sellers. Below is my answer and below that, my explanation which I also filled in.

  1. The whole site’s cancellation policy seems inconsistent. Many sellers still cancel to avoid bad reviews but also because they believe Fiverr may cancel the order anyway. Forced cancellations should be done in conjunction with the seller involved or at least informed as to why the cancellation was made. How can they avoid repeats in future otherwise.
  2. I think Fiverr instructions for BUYERS are insufficient. Having some basic instructions and tutorial videos could help. These should be mandatory to watch before the buyer’s first order. Something like the video that is linked to after ordering. This video could cover some of the basics from ToS as well as pushing them to read it.
  3. I don’t really have issues with any of the other listed options so had to pick one - unresponsive buyers is probably a symptom of number 2 or at least could be solved by my suggestion.

Then I got this lovely thank you message which made it all worthwhile!


Not this…I got another survey…

What was yours about?

it was… how i recommend fiverr to my friends…and rating was upto 10 points


still Not yet :roll_eyes:

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Yup, I got that one as well! Nice to see if they actually care about improving those things.

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And yesterday I have received a survey about courses I would like to attend on Fiverr (mostly related to SEO).

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Yeah, I got that one a few weeks ago. Obviously my answers weren’t good enough!

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No survey here about anything… I feel left out :rofl:


I happen to know there was a “hackathon” type thing where Fiverr teams got to pitch some ideas about how buyers should be presented with a new set of options when they place an order.

I don’t think I can say more, but they are definitely trying to streamline things, and avoid disputes of the “this is not what I ordered” kind.

As for today’s survey, it seems like they know a lot of our pain points, and they are trying to figure out which ones they need to fix first.


Yep, that was my reading of it too. Nice to see it.


Just came to see if anyone else got it.

I think this is a great chance to explain why something might not be working.

I feel Fiverr is trying to get better with each change they make. They obviously get creative with new alternatives to do whatever (we can always discover new secret stuff happening on the website) so maybe, this will help them to focus on those everyday issues.


I’m with you @sue_mcl. I guess I’m not awesome enuff to receive a survey lol. Apparently, it’s only for the cool kids [coughs]. Anyway, if I’m ever selected to take part in the foreseeable future. Will I be a standup surveyee like Mr. Finnegan? You betcha! 'Cause he’s just too cool for school. :school:. Ahem the dream :zzz:

On a serious note: Your responses were methodical. :ok_hand:t4:


I just finished answering it. I ranked:

#1 Cancellations: I gave an example of how I do everything in my power to stop students from trying to get me to do their homework (image in gallery, a quick response to suspicious queries, a special question on my order form), yet when they place an order it’s still somehow my fault. Basically, I said not all cancellations should count against sellers.

#2 Revisions: I highlighted the fact that, while we can say how many revisions are included when creating our gigs, this number really means nothing. Buyers can request revisions into infinity with no extra charge. I also stated there should be one consistent revision policy across each category because sometimes buyers expect more words or a complete rewrite for no extra charge. That’s not what a “revision” should entail.

#3 Timer: I mentioned the ability to set “days off” or somehow have a more intelligent order timing system. I have worked here since 2015 and rarely take a full day off where there is no order due because of the 24/7 around-the-clock deadlines (like if someone orders on Friday at midnight, the order is due Monday at midnight).

Hoping to see some of these implemented this year :smile:


I am getting a lot of these lately. Mainly on my proofreading gig but recently got 3 marketing students asking me to do their marketing case study project for them. Must be the time of year. Thankfully they message me first.

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I’ve been answering multiple messages a day lately, but a couple orders still slip through.

I now have a question on my order form that asks: “Is this related to a school assignment?” If they say “Yes,” I’m obligated to cancel (and I let them know they’re going to be reported).

Take this off and go to customer support and ask them for permission - I saw a post here recently by someone who had something similar and I think either the gig or their account was removed!


Yes, take a look at this, @sydneymorgan , I think that´s what Eoin meant:


Yeah, watch out- definitely remove that from your gig page. I read about someone who had a similar question and had their gig/account banned, definitely a headache you don’t want to deal with.

Someone messaged me the other day with the word “homework” in their message and I was afraid to even respond. Just wrote “I’m sorry, I can’t help you with this project”.

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I bet almost everyone will put cancellations the #1 problem :slight_smile: I know I did, though with the unfair demands and unresponsiveness being the other two.