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Did you guys also decrease the order because of corona virus?

All countries are lockdown now, many activities have stopped and their income tends to decrease, I usually get 1-4 orders a day, but now even get 1-2 orders a week, Very sad to experience the current situation, always healthy for you all.


Someone gets more and more orders . On the other hand , someone not!


We need a Corona virus section of the forum. Also please stop making threads with the same question over and over. How many of these do we need?

Most of the sellers here seem to not get many sales for other reasons.

Please join the discussion here: No sales at all, Maybe (COVID-19) is the reason? :(

One mans food is another’s poison!
There’s been a decrease in demand for event flyers.
So social media and web banners are the norm now.

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I guess it depends on the category too. For example, I think many people during quarantine decided to start/improve their own online business or set up websites and blogs, so being a writer right now is fairly good because it’s an in-demand service.

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yeah that’s right, being versatile would be a bonus to any freelancer this time.

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I think need to use this time as an opportunity. Need to do some research,improvement, etc. so it will help us in boom period.

are there any spesific gigs that get more orders?

Wish you all the luck for getting more orders.

No orders i think it’s base on luck

For corona virus the competition is more tuff then any other times