Did you had annoying clients which were asking for more than they should?


Fellow sellers, how many of you have encountered this buyers?

Working as a graphical designer… for me I can say a lot, there are a lot of clients that don’t appreciate your work, they keep asking for modifications (even you do tons of them), they have no idea for the design and just say “Friend, please make something better, please change this, please do this” and at the end you just keep getting back at square one?

I even think that I hold the record for the longest delivery ever. I had a client that didn’t speak English at all, keep saying “No Good, make revision”… and we kept going like that for maybe a two months until I finally reached the design he wanted.

I know that I should use the polite “F@$K OFF”, but some of them don’t understand and keep ordering even though, I told them that I am not available.

I would like to hear if any of you had this experience and what is your defense mechanism?


Be professional, but make everything slow as molasses and complicated. Oddly enough, timewasting knuckledraggers hatehaving their time wasted. Alternatively, charge per revision.


You can set the number of revisions you allow and then set a price for additional ones. Every time you deliver and the buyer requests a modification, it subtracts one and after they hit the limit, they are asked to pay for additional revisions.


You’re right I should probably start charging for revisions, but I am scared to do it as many customers come because of my unlimited revision policy. Which I think should be used fair.

But when someone doesn’t know what he wants, and keeps asking for changes, even for new design… it’s so annoying.


That’s good idea, but I work a bit differently (my gigs are in few steps). And if I mark the order as delivered I can’t give full product. Maybe the best way to do it is adding packages with all sorts of options.

About the option for the revisions I think that your buyer can still request modifications even after the limit has passed. But I am not sure, I think that I read about that somewhere here on this forum.


I think we all encounter buyers like that…But I simply tell them politely if they want more it will cost more and if they do not agree with that then I will not do the gig. Stand your ground.


Trust me I tried, there are some people that don’t understand even that. I used to cancel their orders but my cancellation ratio got to high.

But I never said that they reached the maximum amount of revisions. I will try that next time, thanks :slight_smile:


You’re probably right, but if I don’t do the gig and with all of my time and effort it isn’t good to cancel. Which isn’t a good option as my cancellation ration is in bad shape, I used to cancel all of the orders with troubled buyers in the past.


I understand what you’re going through, I’ve had the same problem with design work, if you don’t want to say no keep asking them over and over again what exactly they don’t like and what they want changed, also ask for references, very often people see a logo or design elsewhere and want something similar but never bother to tell you that. If they don’t give you the right information give them a questionnaire, something like;
which colors do you want in the design?
Please provide me with images of designs you like
Please choose the typeface you like the most (with a few typefaces attached)

Ask them to answer every question on the list you send (you can also add this to your gig requirements)

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


That sounds cool but some of us are just getting started so have to tolerate them for now




I have some that want me to do the work for them now and they will pay me in a week. “You can do this now for me. Then later in two weeks I will pay.”


Don’t do more than one revision, and only do it if they give you specific reasons. “I don’t like it” means nothing.

Also, encourage them to accept the delivery and make a second order if they want a revision. It’s better to make $5 today and $5 tomorrow than to lose $10 today because the buyer is never happy.

Feel free to be honest with your buyers. “Sorry, this is the best I can do.” “Sorry, I’m out of ideas.” “I think you should hire someone else.”

The only thing your buyers don’t need to know is how much time you spent working on their order. They’re not paying you by the hour, they’re paying you by the job.


Yes does happen a few times.
I personally identify such clients the first day they message. A few traits that are common in all of them include asking several questions, being very stingy, asking for discounts repeatedly and being rude too.

Such clients often end up irritating after we deliver their orders by asking for revisions over and over again.


Thanks a lot for the tip!

I tired some of the things you said, but there are some buyers that don’t care responding. Usually, I work with 3-4 people like this every month. Some of them just say “I don’t know do whatever you think it’s better”, even though I did bombarded them with questions about the design… for which of course I didn’t get real answer… except “You know what to do, you’re the expert”.

Anyway there are some reasonable people which always respond to the questions you mentioned and they do help in order to get a good design.


That’s maybe because of the services you offer. It happened to me also but on other freelancing sites not here.


You’re probably right for everything.

I never tell them how much time I spent into the order.

If I sat that I am all out of ideas, and stuff like that it’s likely that the buyer is going to leave me a negative review. But I will try next time when having a troubled buyer.


You’re probably right I have also noticed some of those traits. Maybe the best thing is either to ignore their message or say “Sorry, I am not available for work at this moment”. I see for your services it’s really harder to do a modification as you need to render the video twice.


I’ve had this horrible experience.


It happens that we all had one of those horrible experiences with customers as that.