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Did you have any bad Experience with buyer ever?

Last day I got an order from a buyer with quick communication it made me to deliver the order within few minutes. In response he gave me 4.5 rating while I was expecting for some TIP lolz.

When I saw 4.5 I was laughing that what is this? Is there anyone let me know that was it due to the fast delivery that discourages expert Sellers OR the attitude of Hi Fi Buyers superiority complex?

I would like you to comment your own experience if ever faced? Thanks in advance. :wink:

I’ve had a few bad buyer experiences. One placed a complex order and then asked for a revision based on personal taste. I still wanted to make the buyer happy, so I re-did the work. The buyer came back and asked for another re-do. I suggested a cancellation since it wasn’t worth it to me to continue since we clearly weren’t a good match. She refused and said that she would just keep the work as-is.

I was pretty new and felt stuck, so I delivered the order and she left me a 4.9 and told me that if I have done revisions until she was happy, she would have left 5 stars. I still don’t regret it because I don’t think I could have made her happy. It was upsetting but luckily good reviews balanced it out so it didn’t affect my overall percentage for long.

As to your situation, I’m sorry you had trouble. I’ll tell you one other story that had an impact on me. I’ve actually delivered an order in 20 minutes and the buyer wrote back to tell me that if it only took me 20 minutes, why did it cost $10? The buyer didn’t leave a review at all, which may have been good. I was really surprised. Some buyers apparently put their own value on time, and while you would think everyone would be thrilled with speed, apparently some take it as an insult.


I have them occasionally. Early on in my Fiverr career I had people take advantage of my newness to the website and threaten to leave me bad reviews if I didn’t complete more work for them than I offered in my fiverr gigs, and that resulted in me having to pick and choose some battles and a lot of time getting to know the customer service.

Luckily things evened out, but I recently had some bad experiences lately. I had a customer who wanted a huge order finished, and Christmas was coming up. So I agreed to do it. I spent several nights completing it in a timely manner, but they sent it back for revision. They kept sending it back no matter what I did, and no matter how much I agreed to the revisions. Because of that I got majorly backed up, resulting in more angry customers who I ended up late on and poor reviews. In the end the customer who started it all wasn’t happy, and I took it to customer service to prove I did every possible and conceivable thing to make the client happy. In the end, I did get paid, but at the cost of several negative reviews. A lesson to take form that that I learned is just because it has two zero’s on the end doesn’t make it worth harming your reputation in the long run.

You along with all businesses will be taken advantage of when you begin. It’s not nice, I know, but it is a part of the learning (and business) process. After so many experiences, you will spot these people and say “absolutely not.” (in a clipped British accent, since that works best). The worst mistakes will be your own, but you can build on them. If a bad thing is happening repeatedly to a business/you (e.g. constant awful reviews), that usually means there’s a fatal flaw in your business model or a plot.

I am partially nudging one seller posting on this thread, but what I’m really trying to say to OP is that you got away fine. You had an awkward buyer and you will in future. Some good tips here for dealing with some, but they won’t work for others! With experience you’ll spot them and be able to decide for yourself if it’s worth the money or not.

Gotta say, it was easier under the old review system!

Dear fonthaunt,

Thank you for sharing your great experience here, as it will help other Sellers as a future guidance.

Wishing you all the best Thanks

Thanks wiseman05, for sharing your story it was interesting to me, Never Give up.


Thanks for writing back. It was helpful to me. Best Wishes

Ah…bad buyer experiences…

My worst was a guy who wanted articles + royalty free images + video intros. This is fine usually, as I can make $30 out of such an order. However, he wanted it all for $5 and told me all about how poor he was until I agreed.

I delivered all work in 24 hours and he ordered a second article. After this one though, he asked if I could create an account on his website and upload them for him. Being super busy at the time I said no, not without at least one gig extra as he already had a great deal.

At this point the buyer turned very hostile and stupidly I created the account and tried to upload them anyway. The only problem was that his site was slow as hell and in the end I gave up after 20 minutes as it was simply way too time consuming for me.

As politely as possible, I therefore said look, I don’t usually offer this service and you have a really amazing deal here already, moreover, I would do this, but not if it’s going to add half an hour of time.

The result? He sent me a crazy message saying he could already sense that I wasn’t committed to his project, changed his previous 2 5 star reviews to 3 stars and left me feeling quite shocked to say the least.

However, it didn’t stop there. A week later, he started emailing me on my personal email which he had taken from the account details I had used to join his site with (as I never disclose personal details for obvious reasons), asking me for more work in return for him changing his reviews back to positive ones.

In this case, I got in touch with CS to report him and blocked his email. Moreover, now I never, ever offer extra services for free.

In fact, Fiverr can be a real eye opener when it comes to how bitterly and weirdly other peoples minds seem to work sometimes.

Anyway, don’t worry too much about your 4.5 star. You could always message this buyer to ask where he feels the work you have done as fallen short and if there is anything you can do to fix this.

Best Wishes,


Yeh I caught a nice tip from your reply and that is EYE OPENER and not to offer something Free with GIG. That’s really precious idea for future Guidance. Thanks Andy

So much of it seems to be about developing a sixth sense about buyers. From this thread you can see places where over-delivery actually caused problems and others where over-delivery helps with a confused buyer or someone who isn’t being manipulative but is honestly in need of inexpensive help.

I am getting slowly sharper at “sniffing” a buyer at first contact and sometimes something just isn’t right. That’s usually a sign for me that the buyer is going to cause me a problem at some point no matter what I do.

I try to handle those like explosives. If possible, I gently get out of the transaction and blame it on something neutral. Then I do my best to convince the buyer that they are a great person and I’m a great person but I’m just not the right choice for their needs. I dont’t have any ethical problem flattering them just to keep them stable. Usually that does work. When it doesn’t, I go to CS with the same careful plan.

Absolutely right.

I can definitely relate to this. It happened to me twice even though the clients said I did an exceptionally great job. I decided to contact them after receiving the 4.5-star feedback and asked what, in their opinion, was missing.

They both said they rated me with 5 stars in all categories and one of them even asked if there was any way to correct the feedback.

Maybe some system bug?

I suggest you message your clients as well.

I’m actually getting completely demotivated from the buyer-side. I feel like there is no protection at all for sellers. Also had some bad experiences in the past with some buyers, but a really really small percentage. So i never bothered about it. Just like in real life you will sometimes encounter idiots who live to annoy. But an hour ago a guy asked me to make a social media design for him. Ok, no problem it’s a perfectly normal request. So i ask him if he has some more info about his company, cause i can’t design anything with zero information.

Suddenly out of nowhere i get a message back from him that i’m an amateur, that there are more professional people like me, and he flags my perfectly polite comment as ‘inappropriate’. So a guy, who’s fiverr account is less then 2 weeks old, has caused my messaging inbox to get disabled by flagging a message of me which was perfectly fine. I was having conversations with potential clients, made promises to them, and now i can’t even answer them. This really really make me want to quite fiverr after having finished more than 600 gigs without any problems. It really pisses me off that there’s zero protection for the sellers out there, and one troll can simply damage you without any problems.

Sorry to have one more case. Anyways never give up. Thanks for sharing your story with us,

Absolutely Right. But I am adopting (fonthaunt) TIP and that is to convince a rude buyer in best speech way. And compel him to post something positive else here Buyer is the KING. and Seller have no option to tend him for posting things on his choice. Hope you got me.

Yeah i do that for a while now. But when you do use your best speech way possible, stay very polite and humble, and they still flag you and get your message inbox deactived by doing so, you’re dealing with a troll. And it’s not correct that fiverr doesn’t look at the flagged post first before deactivating your inbox. Cause right now my inbox is deactived for the following post:

"Hi sir, i’d love to work with you. Is it possible to provide me a little bit more information? That way i can create something fantastic for you! The more info i get, the better i can provide what you want! I’m looking forward to your reply!

Kind regards. K.’’

You see what i mean… When you get flagged over answers like these something is really really wrong. If a guy flags you for something like this he should receive a penalty from fiverr… Not the way around. That’s frustrating

I don’t think you have asked something wrong in the foregoing message, I am really sorry if it really happened with you. But unfortunately I am not from Fiverr Staff and can just pity for you. But will do direct my other friends to be careful in this regard. Thank you once again for submitting your bad experience story with me and pls Never Give up. :wink:

I had a buyer who had requested for a Voice Over for over 4 Pages for an App …

He then requested me to do a small Demo VO for his Project for about a Paragraph…
i obliged and sent him the Demo… Then he placed the order and as soon as i delivered all the 4 pages of Recording… he sent a cancellation request … i asked him what was the Reason … He simply said i dont want it now…and i have cross checked the APP by downloading it … The App had my voice over … i tried contacting the APP Owners but nothing worked …i could do nothing but just trying to be more careful from then :frowning:

I have also faced such kind of Buyer, It simply means that he got the stuff for FREE. You have to be an expert seller to tackle these kind of Buyers. Well never give up.