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Did You Just Complete a Novel? I'll Edit It!

As a writer, it’s hard to edit your own work, and it’s imperative that, if you intend on self-publishing or submitting to a press or agent, your work has been meticulously edited so nothing too glaring takes away from your hard work.

I provide:

  • proofreading at $20 per 20k words
  • copyediting at $100 per 50k words
  • developmental editing at $250 per 100k words

If you want to make sure your manuscript is as polished as it can get before sending it off, head on over to my gig and shoot me a message!

And for those who have something rather small they need edited (a poem, short story, advertisement, script, essay, etc), I have another gig where I’ll edit 3k words for just $5!

If you use word essay in your description your account can get warning or disabled. Academic works,home works are not allowed etc…


Thanks for the advice! Wasn’t aware of that. I’ll probably keep “essay” and just make sure it’s denoted to a creative essay instead of academic.

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I personally wouldn’t use it at all but you do you.

Fiverr isn’t very detailed when giving away warnings. There is still possibility that you will have a problem with that word that might make you miss an order something.

Feels silly since essays exist wildly outside of academia, but I’ve taken your advice and changed up the wording.

Thanks again!

People got warnings for even more innocent things… My message was under review when I wrote once “Please pay attention to details”.
It got reviewed because Fiverr thought that I am trying to make the buyer pay me outside of Fiverr… :laughing:

Oh boy :roll_eyes:

I had to rewrite a message I sent to a customer who was new to Fiverr and didn’t know how it worked. Anytime I used “money” in response to, say, them possibly not being satisfied and wanting their money back, I’d get a little pop-up that asking for money outside of Fiverr was wrong. Context matters.

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