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Did you just disable my account? For what?!


I just got three messages from fiverr regarding my account.

They disabled my account without providing any reasons at all.

I’m a good seller. I make about 1000$ and 15000$ per month. All my reviews are positive. I didn’t break any rules.
Just this month, I made more than 1500$ and I have more than 864$ pending revenues and 1750$ worth of active orders.

Can someone please tell me why did you people disable my account?



Hey there, looks like your account got suspended.

However this is Fiverr’s forum, so no one from staff will respond to your questions here.

You need to open a ticket with Customer Support instead.

Good luck


We are sellers like you (well, mostly sellers, some buyers too) here on the forum, we didn’t and we can’t disable any accounts, the people you want to ask are Fiverr’s Customer Support.

Or find the link in the footer of, right above or under the link to the ToS probably. Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:

edit: Yes, what Frank said, he was faster. :slight_smile: