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Did you know it is now against the rules to cancel a gig if you offer any sort of revision on it?

I had a gig rejected and the customer refused to say what was wrong with it because, and I quote, ‘ur the professional writer. Not my job.’ then he went on to say my work is poor quality and cheap, albeit in broken English.

I offered a cancellation and since he was away for two days (apparently being busy earning money and not writing crappy content. Again. His words) he missed stopping the cancellation. The gig was subsequently cancelled.

I asked Fiverr if I was in the right here. Apparently not. It is manipulative if you offer revisions and then don’t revise and cancel instead. The customer is still refusing to tell me what is wrong but meh.

There are a lot of rules I never knew about. He is still being insulting via pm and telling me to get a real job and leave the writing to the people that can speak English.

I am unlikley to get many rejections, but thought I would point this out to the rest of you.

I think he is just annoyed I had the content indexed before he had a chance.


I’m probably slow for asking this but… how is it manipulative if the buyer wasn’t responsive on top of not providing the needed information to make the requested revision?

I presume by offering revisions, you just need to keep rewriting it until the person is happy,whether they give you the information they need or not. Based on his PMs, I am glad I cancelled it anyway.

Do you offer unlimited revisions or just a few? I think if you offer revisions and they refuse, then it makes sense to cancel.

I’ve not run into this, sorry you had a buyer like this!

I would think this would depend on a lot on the particular situation and wording since the rules on this are broad, but there is a way to give a buyer a choice. You can also do a minor revision and send it back and invite the buyer to submit a dispute with cancellation request if that is what they prefer over more revisions. Since you’d still be offering to finish the order (and do more revisions) if they wanted to, you’d be okay with this. In my experience buyers who won’t say what they are unhappy with will generally jump at the chance to cancel on their own if they think you’ll accept it.

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I have withdrawn the cancellation if I didn’t hear from the buyer then submited it again to give them more time to notice it. I don’t offer revisions though.