Did you know? You can't create a gig "not in English"


Here is my latest mail with support after my new gig has been not approved because it’s written in Italian (the only one, the others are in English).

Hello, here is another illogic of Fiverr’s…! Today I discover I can’t create a gig in Italian…! How can it be? My gig is destined to Italians, why should it be in English? I spent half a day creating it, with the proper text, and now, just now - because I can’t see anywhere it’s mandatory - I discover it must be in English…! And this could also enlarge your market, don’t you think? I use to get Italian customers from Fiverr, does that disturb you?
Another strangeness of Fiverr, added to, for instance, the one for which, if it happens - and it happened - a client creates an order then HE asks to cancel it, I get bad reputation.

I always thank Fiverr because it gave me work, but still I don’t understand some logics after 3 years…

Marco Massari

What do you think, mates? Opinions welcome, thanks! :slight_smile:


Fiverr is a platform where the primary language spoken is English. It makes sense that all Gigs must be written in English. You’re at liberty to include a video with your Gig where you either speak Italian, or briefly demonstrate how you as an individual provide the ‘Italian’ service.


The character limit is really limiting in that regard, which is why I only use English in my gig descriptions. I’ve had English/German FAQ for a while to give some info in German as well, maybe you can try that.


Hello, Legacine, thanks for answering.
Fiverr is an international platform and market. Sure it makes sense that English is primary, but why mandatory? How can I attract an Italian non speaking English if he finds just English lines?


Hello, miiila, thanks for answering.

Actually I use FAQ for implementation, but I expect Fiverr will tell me that not even FAQ can’t be but in English…