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Did you learn new things or aquire any new skills especially for Fiverr?


Hello, beautiful & hard working sellers! :blush:

Today I was thinking about what new things I could learn in order to create new gigs, or evolve the ones I already have. Lately, I’ve been trying really hard to improve my Italian, as I would like to create some new gigs around it, considering it is one of my college specialisations.

Is there anything you learnt specifically for exploiting on Fiverr? Any new skills aquired just for your Fiverr work, that you did not have before?

I would be really happy to hear your stories! :relaxed:


Proper marketing, gig description and gig image enhancements, things that are unique to this platform, that’s what I learned and am still learning how to make the best of! :thumbsup:


@djgodknows Your gig images do look really nice. :blush:


Muchas gracias! :blush:
(Thank you in Spanish)


¡De nada! :wink: :blush:


No, not really! I already came in here with a very strong and narrow-focused skillset, so I’m exploiting it as in every other (way more specialised) platform where I provide my services. :slight_smile:


That sounds wonderful! Good luck with your sales. :blush:


My gut says it depends on where you are starting and the nature of your existing gigs.

I was already very experienced in my category (voice over) but I have refined my production skills to make every delivery faster, and keeping the quality high. What needs to be learned depends on your existing skill set, and your category.

One question is: “What can be done to refine your internal processes to make your quality higher, in less time?”

Nobody makes money if delivering a quality product takes too long. Can you refine the process? Improve quality?

Every time you find a tweak to cut a few minutes off your overall production time is a win, because it’s leveraged over a set of sales. That assumes you have some sales already.

Over my 1,300 sales I constantly looked for ways to make things better in less time. YMMV. I expect to do that same thing the next 1,300 gigs. I don’t see that process ever stopping.


Hard skills >> Got certified for a new CMS.

Soft skills >> People management, expectation management, conflict management.


Yes. At the beginning, some buyers requested certain things that I didn’t know. So even I couldn’t accomplish their requirement at that moment, later I studied how to do those things & informed them back that if they need any help regarding that kind of work again, I can help them. So fiverr (buyers) helped me a LOT to upgrade my work, using enhanced & innovative techniques related to my field. Thanks fiverr! :relaxed:


@angelwish I was in the same situation as you :blush: Learned many new things in order to make my clients happier.


That’s wonderful anamariaedan! Keep up the Good work! :relaxed::+1: