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Did you like my gig? suggestions please!

Hi Guys!
Hope you are well.
I join fiverr about 2 weeks ago and my gig views and expressions are going up but still i have no order.
Please see my gig and tell me that did you like my gig or not and give me some useful suggestions to get orders.

Please visit:


I’d create more gigs so you have up to 7.

Your video says “available any time” but your gig description says “don’t buy my gig when I am offline”. Maybe if you’ve confirmed through messaging that you can do what they ask, it would be okay for them to order, even when you are offline. Maybe reword “contact me friendly”. Maybe don’t have unlimited revisions but have a reasonable number. You could link to the gig in this thread so more people could easily find your gig to leave suggestions.


Thanks to notify me.

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