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Did you look your gig up before?

have you ever tried to look your gig up?

I’ve and I couldn’t find it, probably because I’m checking from the same ip, however I wanted to do this because I’ve a gig video in my gig, and I don’t know how it look like for customers, I can see my gig when I head to my profile, but I can’t see the video it brings the primary picture for the gig instead, I can check from the gig itself but since I’m using a PC so it fit the frame, from phone it’s a bit different but still okay, but it doesn’t let me see how a seller would actually see it!

which I think is important, is it possible to see your gig in the search results?


Sometimes when I want to see where my gig ranks in the search results, I log out of my account and just search for my gig! I hope this helps!


do you find it though? because I’ve searched from a different device I’ve never logged in from.

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I actually search it up on the same device but I just log out! I’m always able to find my gigs in the search results!

It depends on your category.
When i want to make sure my GIG is actually alive in the search I just open incognito window and set local sellers. Since only 20 sellers are from my country I usually see my GIG on top so I know it is there.

Rest depends on what is your GIG and competition.

For example there is no way I will ever find my logo GIGs, even if I start now I will not get to see them in next 30 years of searching.

But my other GIG that is in low competition comes on the first page. But that category only has 5 pages of results.


actually this is exactly what I did and there were just 5 local sellers but not me, I couldn’t see my gig and I know I’m not banned. should I be concerned?

I’m assuming you clicked the green prompt in the top right of your dashboard that says “Switch to Buying” and then started scrolling.

Hi @abdelrahman2341 did you try the Sort By filter? There are three options “Best Selling”, “Recommended”, and “Newest Arrivals”. If your gig is new I’m sure you’ll find it in “Newest Arrivals”.

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What does it say under GIG status (help section, manage gigs) is your gig active?

Not under your dashboard. That is just not important or true or relevant.

If I want to check I just go to buying mode and search one of my keywords for my gig and filter the results until I see my gig. Sometimes your profile may be de-ranked due to bad performance. If you want to rank your gig again just update your gig with some basic changes and hopefully it will start appearing in the search result after 1 or 2 days. I Hope I was helpful.

yes my gig is active and getting impressions!

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Then what is the issue?
We all can see are GIG in search results if the category has less then 200 people offering services.

as @marinapomorac said I filter out the results and look for locals but still I don’t find myself!

when I do this I see improvement in my impressions but still can’t see my gig myself

as I’ve said when I filter to locals I can just see about 5 sellers but not me!, should I contact CS? what should I say, I can’t find my gig?

Have you tried clearing cache or looking your gig in incognito mode?

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If you are getting impressions that means your GIG is active and visible in search.

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I was searching from a different device without signing in, after I’ve looked it up from my laptop in incognito mode

Usually gig rank on the the 5 keywords when you make the gig…
It depends on the category too…

You should find your gig on the search filter when you search the keyword that you focused on

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yes I did and I was looking for locals to narrow the number down

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yes I did, I even used a different laptop!