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Did you receive the Fiverr promoted gig feature?

i noticed the last few days lot of sellers get promoted gig feature. What about you?

  • I got this feature since the launch
  • I received it recently
  • Not yet

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What is the purpose or usefulness of this poll? How are these poll answers going to help you be a better seller? Some people qualify for the promoted gigs feature, and many others do not.

You can read about this feature, and who does and does not have access to it here:

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Except that link doesn’t say who does and doesn’t have it, because it’s said to be a manually given thing. The link/the links from it says certain requirements (eg. level 2, category required, rating requirements), all of which I think the OP has but the OP doesn’t have the feature.

Already did and i know it’s not for everyone.