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Did you see a change in sales from beginner to level 1?

I’m about to be level 1 and I was wondering if you get a sales spike or something. Do buyers care?


Maybe yes, maybe no. Some Buyers do purchase only from more advanced Sellers, some probably don’t care.

To expect a spike simply from Leveling Up is probably unrealistic, as your offer is still the main driver.

Your greatest advantage will come from the new and exciting ways that you will be able offer your service(s) with Extras, Extra Fast option and Gig Multiples.

Reply to @voiceoverwork: I thought so, I was just wondering. I know whenever I’m going to buy a service or product I might even pay more for something

"Name Brand"


Bigmish :slight_smile:

@voiceoverwork said it well. I noticed a bump with each levelling up, but my gigs have more slow, steady sales, with frantic increases at Christmas and Valentine’s Day! ~lol~

Maybe sellers in other categories saw noticeable changes with higher levels. Personally, I’ve purchased from all level of seller.

I don’t really check on levels when ordering a gig but I do check on review.Most buyers check on review and not on levels.

Reply to @kevinpeters: Thanks for the comment! :slight_smile:

You are welcome