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Did you think about that?


Like any job in the world, we sometimes need a “vacation” (holidays). How to do in the case of Fiverr, Keeping our Gigs pause with a message “Absent from … to …” or something in the genre, to avoid a command is marked as not delivered on time.

Did you think about that?



I ignored that there was this feature. Youpiiiiiiiiiiiiii :)>-


Very handy feature, I have also used it.


Reply to @stiper23: fortunately


Yes, I would also suggest changing your profile text so that your repeat customers will understand why they can’t order for your.

Enjoy your time off!


I am currently not using the pause feature, Hope will use it when I will be very busy


I generally extend my delivery time and make a note on my gigs. That way I can continue to get orders even while I’m away.


fayestap, that’s what I do but it’s annoying adjusting them as fiverr makes you go into each gig and do it when it should have checkboxes to change it easily.