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Did Your Breast Cancer T-Shirt Arrive?

I’ll let fiverr do the talking. The company had several gigs up at the time (sample:

So, it’s 3 months. Do you have your shirt? If not, why? Accountability is important. This is not a tip, and I apologise for that, but neither is getting 300 reviews and boasting about it.

“Winners will be announced on the Fiverr Blog”

(I’ve just realized this is 2014’s boob cancer drive…but no blog post, 2 years on.)

Anyway–you got your pink tee yet or not?

this is a comment to fluff this up to the top as I go to bed.

Indeed–this page is deleted. Why?

You hold me to high standards–I expect no less from you. And don’t make a poll about moustaches for the love of God…

Just look. It’s all forum posts.

What happened to the money? How was it invested? Did people get their fitbits, ipphones, whatever? Where are the updates?

Why is a simple Google so… I dunno, revealing? I want to be wrong. I give you thousands in income. I want answers.


Speak up. What’s the worst that could happen?

I donated 2 times, You can check my review on this page -

I didn’t receive anything like fitbits, t-shirts, iphones… Nothing :slight_smile:

Tbh, I don’t want anything at all. I donated because they are working for a good cause…

Some got an email requesting where to send the shirt: (I googled it)

9th Nov 2015 at 5:24 PM
For those who Contributed $20 or more to breast cancer, Fiverr is sending you B-CAM shirt
Here is the mail i got!

Thank you very much for contributing with Fiverr to the fight against breast cancer! In order to receive your shirt, please click on this link and fill out the form, which lets us know your t-shirt size and where to have it sent.

Your patience is much appreciated. Thanks again!

Maybe this could be in the Ranting Pot.

Yes, but we don’t actually know where the money goes. There’s no PR opportunities with the CEO of Fiverr giving some charity an oversize check for $345230751, for example.

I just want to know if anyone actually received their t-shirt…I certainly won’t donate to charity via a middleman, but that’s my lookout. You do realize that a lot of charities use donations to pay for their overpriced board of directors instead of the cause they use to drain the pockets of people who care? I’m not saying that’s the case here, but with nothing to show, one has to wonder.

Personally, I remain of the opinion that Fiverr loves the “aren’t we nice?” PR and promoting it, but drops it like a rock immediately for next month’s drive Remember movember’s forum effort, which had the most easily manipulable poll AND asked members to send in pictures of their mustache–without fixing the broken image feature ? As soon as that was up, boob cancer’s time in the sun was done). I can’t even remember their thing this month. I think it’s the ad thing asking people to beta test it. God, why? Half of Fiverr’s alpha stuff is slightly broken, why on earth would anyone risk being a beta experiment?!

@misscrystal–yeah, this should have been in the ranting pot :). Either way, if I’m going to be held to high accountability by Fiverr, I want to return the favor.

The only way I want fiverr to run a tight ship is to watch what happens to sales when changes are made and if sales fall, stop doing whatever makes them fall.

Anything else is superfluous.

I did donate, I did get the email asking for my address and I did fill it out. So far I have not received anything. I agree with many that it’s a good cause if the money did go to the right place, but I like t-shirts and do wish mine had arrived.

Well, you can read some very interesting Fiverr employee reviews elsewhere on the internet about the company culture–particularly with regard to the CEO. I won’t post it, but Google it–you’ll know it when you see it! It’s not that website where angry buyers go to shriek about bad sellers, btw, although I do like reading that every so often.

Of course, you really should take everything written by disgruntled people on the internet with a pinch of salt, but it is interesting regardless. This is merely a symptom of a larger problem in my opinion.

Right–that’s me off my soapbox! Hopefully you’ll all get your t-shirts one of these days.

I’m never going to complain about a site that is as rewarding as this one is. I love this site.

It’s the British way :slight_smile:

I read all sort of things when I’m avoiding do things I should be doing, but I have to admit that as a seller on Fiverr I don’t pay a lot of attention to what is said as long as I see mutual benefit for sellers, buyers and Fiverr.

As far as the t-shirt, somebody promised me one so I hope I get it too. If I don’t, I will probably slowly waste away slowly even though I don’t even like to wear pink.

Hi all,

Francis from the Fiverr team here to update on this. We encountered some delays with shipping, followed by the holidays which set us back. Some of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month shirts went out last week, and an additional batch is slated to go out this week. Please be assured that we are working to get them to you as fast as we can.

Thank you for your continued patience.