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Did your love spell work?

Hey guys I’m crating this thread to have a general discussion on whether your love spell worked or not due to the 14 day constriction to leave a review which is to early to decide if it worked or not. I personally have to share my experience as well but its to early to say since its been about 1 week now but I definitely will update and I urge you guys to share your experiences as well.
I purchased a Love Binding spell


I’m so confused what is this even about…

I’m in a full confusion, but this some sort of “magic spell” work won’t work in any way. Not even sure what you are talking about.


It’s a spell that’s supposed to “make somebody obsessed with you” and make them “addicted to you”. Though if it worked it would surely be against the free will of the person it’s done against.


Ohhhh, lmao. Wouldn’t it be easier to use the money to take that person out? :joy: How are “love spell” gigs even a thing.


Let me clue you in on something - Santa isn’t real either.

Btw, on an unrelated note, I’ve got a bridge for sale. Contact me if interested.