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Did your marketing GIG work?


Hi Fiverr community. I’ve been a Fiverr user since DEC 2011.

Can someone tell me if email marketing GIGs work? Because I’ve tried SEO Gigs and backlink Gigs and I can tell you none of those work. You would be waisting your time with those SEO Gigs.

But I just wonder if the email marketing GIGS work or not before I burn another dollar on any kind of marketing GIGs.

I do like fiverr for design or logo Gigs but their marketing Gigs gotta be taken out.

Thanks for sharing your experience.


I meant ranking GIGs which didn’t work. but wonder if any was successful with their email marketing GIGs they bought from Fiverr or was that a waist too ?


NO, NO, NO. I’m asking this as a buyer. Not as a seller. I want to know if someone bought a SEO gig for their website and if it actually worked? because I’ve given up on SEO.

Now, last straw, I’ll try an email marketing gig for my site if someone can say it worked for them.


Do not give up on SEO, you have to understand that the SEO industry is always changing rapidly.

If the Fiverr seller you hired is not up to speed with current SEO techniques or requirements, the work you get would be outdated.

Also SEO takes a long to see results. So, If you pay a fiverr seller a few $100 today, you would have to wait three week or more before you see any results…In short, you could also pay a seller to do a quick SEO fix on your website and you won’t see any change in ranking at all…

So do due diligence before hiring any SEO seller…