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Didn’t get any order yet

Some people create gigs and get order easil, i done gug research eveverything and emplent all those things, but didn’t get order

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First you have to learn English properly ( specially grammar).

I can understand that English is not your mother tongue so you have to do some extra work on learning English before starting selling on fiverr.

Search youtube or use different language app to learn English. I think this is enough to learn basic English.


I am facing same problem also.

Hey new seller,

I think you are not getting just because of the price I have seen that gig price is high. I think whenever a new seller comes on Fiverr, Seller should create a gig after the price should be less because people don’t trust the new seller, but if your gig price is low, it might be possible that the buyer may order it.

Thanks for joining Fiverr

your English is very week, Try to improve your knowledge power.