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Didn’t get my order from the seller but fiverr charged me

Hello, I paid but I can’t find my order I waited more than 1 hour and didn’t find anything, I asked the seller he also didn’t get anything, but fiverr charged me the full price,
Hope this problem gets solved


Report this to Fiverr Customer service with screenshots and evidence. They will respond to you in 1-10 days.

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i contacted the support , i cant wait for 10 days i have to get the project from the developer today because he completed it and i have to give it to my boss , we work as a team the project need to be published today

Then pay again.

I am sorry but when you are working on a tight time frame and you have no other options usually that means breaking the bank and spending more money.

Pay again, order again. If it is really important then it should be worth the cost.

Then later you can wait for Fiverr CS to resolve the issue.

Why did seller work on your order if he did not get money?

because he dont want problems , if i ordered something then he cant finish it , i will cancel the order then he will get negative rate , most of freelancers takes a look on the project before to avoid problems

and that programmer is very talented , i gived him just to check the project and he finished it in half time

Then it is no brainer. Pay him again.

The issue here is that you did not order in time to get room for error. What if designer had a heart attack, what if his city lost power, what if there was an earthquake? If you need something today and you must have it than paying more is the only option.

He did the work, you then placed an order, Fiverr took your money but order is not visible. So, order again, pay again, and ask CS to refund you on the first order. He will not have any issues (the seller) since order is not registered on his account.

i have been working with fiverr for the last 3 or 4 years without any problem , i did my part i entered my credit card and fiverr tooks the money as always , but the order is not visible , its not my fault at the end , anyway i hope fiverr team solve this problem sooner

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No, it will take 1-10 days.

If you open ticket just let it be, do not open another one because that will only prolong the response.

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You can knock fiverr on their fb page, I heard they are fast in fb.