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Didn’t get order last 9 days but why?

Hello there,
I am a web developer at Fiverr. successfully I complete 17 orders with 5 star. But recent 9 days I didn’t get any order. I want to know why my sells are down.


Maybe review the advice in your other thread: I didn’t get any order. How do I get a order?

Might be worth it to bookmark the thread that was linked to you.

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Nothing is guarantee in the wonderful world of freelancing. Your past performance will not always reflect your future performance.


It’s Normal. Keep sharing your Gig on Social Media Platforms. Also, Send buyer requests on daily basis


I haven’t get any order for the past 15 days.
I don’t know what to do TBH.
I have successfully completed 11 Orders with 5 stars and an amazing review from my clients… But it’s so deserted this days.