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Didn’t receive critical information from buyer and they won’t reply. Running out of time!

Hi everyone! I am very new to Fiverr and I just got my first order yesterday! I was hired to proofread about 3,000 words of writing, but the buyer never attached the document I’m supposed to read. I realize I should’ve made that a mandatory requirement before letting the service timer start, but again I am very new to this and didn’t realize that was something I needed to do. I asked for them to try to reattach the document about two hours after the 24 hour timer started. However, they did not get back to me. I have 7 hours to complete the project now, and I asked for an extension. What do I do if they don’t approve it or get back to me? This is my first job on here and I was really excited to do it, but now I’m scared I’m going to lose credibility on here for turning in a project late when I was never even given the actual project in the first place! I hope that makes sense.

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Once the buyer extends the delivery time, it will no longer show LATE but extend the delivery time, even if the buyer extends it after 24 hours complete today. You can finish the project in the meantime when the buyer extends it.

Thanks for the info! What happens if the buyer does not extend the deadline?

We were all new to Fiverr once - and yes, it is a rookie mistake not to make it a mandatory requirement to attach a document! You have my sympathy. I’ll offer some facts and thoughts…

A buyer does not have to agree to a time extension. From memory a buyer can cancel an order uncontested 24 hours after the original delivery deadline has expired - the fact they didn’t attach a document has no bearing on this.

Even if your buyer does eventually submit the document, a late delivery is a late delivery - no matter where the fault is.

While many new sellers do offer a 24 hour service, the sensible ones soon realise that this is not a good idea. It simply isn’t enough time to allow for time differences, communication fails, sleep, etc.

For example a business buyer on the other side of the world orders the moment you go to bed. It is 11am for them, 11pm for you. You wake up 8 hours later at 7am for you, but it’s then 7pm for them - and they’ve gone home for the day. But they’ve forgotten to attach a key document for the order. Doh! You can’t progress with the order for another 14 hours when they are back in the office at 9am for them - leaving you just two hours. But maybe they have a meeting first thing…

Okay, that is an extreme albeit not unrealistic example. 24 hour gigs are bad. They place stress on sellers and this stress is rarely reflected in the gig price new sellers charge.

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Since previous replies contain a lot of info that I agree with I will just add more to that.

What you should do right now is to contact CS (open a ticket) and tell them that client did not attach any document for proofreading. Since you can not do your part of the service, asked them to cancel the order.
If they do it you will have cancelation on your account but it will not affect your statistics if it is done by CS.

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