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Didn't get a buyer's update..anyone else?

I’ve had a really awkward experience just now. I saw an update on an order I delivered 2+ days ago. I haven’t had a reply ever since I delivered it and I thought the buyer was just unresponsive. However, this update came and upon clicking it, I entered the order’s page and saw nothing new.

I immediately messaged the buyer saying that I received a notification and told him to send again whatever it was he sent because I didn’t get it. After about 10 minutes, he replies saying that he didn’t send anything new, but that he had replied to my message 2 DAYS AGO. I apologized for not messaging back after that as I hadn’t seen it. This made ME seem unresponsive to the buyer and the buyer to me. I think it could cause some unwanted “unresponsive seller” reviews if it happens to orders that require more communication or get impatient buyers.

Has this sort of thing happened to anyone before?

Yep, experienced this over 20 times and sometimes its hard to handle the situation as buyer thinks that we are late and were not replying.

I wasn’t notified of a buyer’s update yesterday and missed it for a day (only finding it when I prompted him again – even though he had provided the info I needed!). I pride myself on being responsive but in order to do that I have to be notified of the buyer’s updates. Hopefully we can see some of these problems fixed, as they are limited the effectiveness of the site.

It usually happens when they use some of the “forbidden” words, like “Skype”, “pay”, “email”… Their message/update is delayed until Fiverr staff sees what it’s about and whether they’re trying to break the rules.