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Didn't get a knock after cancelling a order

I’ve heard that if someone cancels a order, he or she has to suffer 1 to 2 months as completion rating decreases. i had to cancel a order, after that didn’t get any knock since 10 days… Is that the reason for not getting any knock from buyers for decreased completion rating? What should i do now?


Cancellations affects your gig for sure but there is no any defined time period…!
Everyone cancels order and I dont thik any of them suffered 1-2 months…I saw you have just 2 reviews and may be fiverr gave you start up boost but now you may be on your own…

Another small advice if you wanna take this, No offense !

People from some country take this as punching someone on face…so using Knock word as someone is hitting on door is not good idea !
I have seen controversial post regarding this particular word !


Thanks for your suggestion!

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Don’t worry! I’am also cancelling 2 orders.But then I got knocked.So,I am saying that you will get knocked more and more.Just run gig marketing and stay active in the fiverr forum

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In addition to what @surajrenuka advised:

Instead of the word “knock” just use “contact” .


Just curious from what country someone would read her usage of the word knock in context and take it as being punched in the face :thinking:

So I have seen people using it all over forum and I my self understand the meaning of Knock and knock out !
But here on forum I have read posts and controversial comments where people talking about how this should be used !

I can’t write name of countries here but yes they were English countries !

Of course of course. I see someone described in a gig you rock!
I hope that was in a good way and not meant to shake something violently :crazy_face:

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Thank you so much! :heartpulse:

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yes, i’ll do that… Thanks :heartpulse: