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Didn't Get A Level Notification Today

I’m sure I get one monthly?

The next update according to the Analytics screen is on 15 Sep…I’m sure I normally get a notification every month telling me my level? Did I imagine that?

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They stopped doing them month ago. I’m not sure what’s the reasoning behind it, but well. If your evaluation date changed to September, consider it a notification.


I am supposed to get a notification for a Top-rated seller. I didnt get today as well. Is something wrong?

Nothing is wrong. It was reported and discussed already last month. For some reason, they decided to stop sending out the notifications (and congratulating us on doing a good job :slight_smile: ).


I am not yet a Top-rated seller. I am supposed to get a notification for the nomination, but I didnt get one

There was an email sent out last month that TRS could be demoted manually any day of the month (even if the stats were good) for some vague transgressions so my guess is the entire process around nominating/demoting TRS has changed. It’s just magic and unicorns now.


Let me ask CS then about it for clarity.

A lot of people were very annoyed and found it demotivating to receive a monthly reminder saying, “Hey! You are doing an awesome job. Keep up the good work. But, sadly, you haven’t made it to TRS yet. You ain’t good enough yet.” [just a wee bit exaggerated :wink: ]

So I think Fiverr finally listened to what a lot of sellers (who get nominated every month for TRS) had to say and decided to get rid of those notifications. :thinking: Now they only let you know if your level changes.


Sounds interesting! Thanks for letting me know about this. But it wasn’t officially announced to everyone right?

About getting rid of the notifications? You’re right. I don’t think there was an official announcement. At least not that I know of.

But then again, to be honest, I am not entirely surprised considering we’re talking about Fiverr here. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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