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Didn't get any files but the project was marked complete

Hi all, I ordered a design package about two weeks ago with a completion date of sept. 8. I have still not received anything but my project in fiverr has been marked complete and closed. The seller keeps assuring me that the files are coming and about 3 days ago he said he wod have all the files by the endo of the day. I still haven’t recieved anything and would like to be reimbursed what do I do? Thanks for the help

Sorry to hear that. You need to be careful, there are sellers out there who are trying to cheat the system. Contact customer support and provide screenshots if possible, they will take actions. I have no doubt you will get reimbursed, but it might take a couple of days. For the future, if a seller makes an “empty deliver” be sure to click on “request modification”. Good luck!

Personally, I wouldn’t want to be delivered nothing. The seller could’ve attached some files and promised to deliver the others if this was a really big order. And I noticed this post was made on September 19 but the completion date of your order was September 8… The seller will have your money completely some time this week if it was marked complete weeks ago. This will be difficult for you to receive your money back if this is the case… Go to the order page and click resolution center and there you can see a choice to cancel the order. You can also contact Customer Support to help you out on this one. :slight_smile: