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Didn't get any job in first month

Hello. I opened my profile and gigs more than a month ago but didn’t get any buyer request yet. Moreover, i can’t find any buyer request in the ‘buyer requests’ section. It only says ‘no requests found’. What should i do?

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A month isn’t that long to wait for an order. Some sellers on this forum had to wait almost a year before they got going.

You could continue to wait, or you could work on optimising your Gig and marketing it. The two links below will help you with that.

In regards to buyer requests, they may show up on your account now and again, but new sellers tend to see fewer of them. As you grow and level up, you’re likely to see more.

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some say that they got their first order within four days or so…is it possible?

Oh, of course. Some have gotten an order within 20 minutes of signing up. But, unfortunately, it can take longer for some others – sometimes a lot longer.

I’ve taken a look at your Gigs, and there’s definitely room for improvement.

Here are some tips for improving your data entry Gig:

  • If you’re really going to do 15 hours of work for $5, you should put that in your Gig title. Not many other sellers will do that, so you have something of a USP there.

  • Improve your knowledge of English orthography (writing). You make elementary mistakes, like not using capital letters and spaces properly. I think most English-speaking buyers will want to want to hire a data entrist who understands their language’s writing system.

  • Find a way to prove your skills. Take Fiverr tests or find a few online certificates to earn that will demonstrate you know how to use the software programs you claim to be able to.

  • Consider whether your tags are relevant. I’m not sure how many people are searching for a data entry worker using words like “business writing”, “mathematics”, “statistics”. Data entry mainly involves typing.

  • Bulk up your Gig description. It’s very short. If you’ve been a freelancer for a long time, talk a little bit about your experience in the data entry field, and what you’ve helped individuals and businesses achieve.

  • Add some sample images featuring documents you’ve created. They can be dummy ones; it’s ok. Buyers will feel more confident buying from you if you can demonstrate your ability to create polished documents.


Hey ahem your opinion also guide me. Thanks for sharing your views with us.

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Thanks a lot for your precious time.

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Any time!

Two orthographic rules of English that are really important to remember:

  1. Always use a space after a terminal punctuation mark (period, question mark, exclamation mark) and begin the next word with a capital letter.

  2. Always use a space after a comma (at least when dealing with words).

I see you’ve already changed your Gig description so it satisfies rule number 1. But there are a few instances where you’ve broken rule number 2 in your profile text. You’ll be able to correct it easily, though, and then it’ll look much more professional. :+1:


Thanks again! It was really nice of you letting me know so many things. I am obliged.

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