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Didn't get any order, after editing my gig

I changed my whole logo design gig and I make it better than before. Since that day, I couldn’t get any order. If you have a little time, Please check my gig errors. As I think, there should be a big problem on it.

Reply to @ben91280: I am in the whiteboard space. I would change your gig thumbnail. It is hard to read when it is viewed small and at a glance it looks like everyone else’s thumbnail in the whiteboard search. Only 5% of the people browsing are clicking and reading your ad. If you just raised your clicks by 5%, your sales would go up 40%.

I don’t think there are 11,000 people searching for svgs. It is probably showing up in unrelated searches. I would also suggest a different thumbnail there as well.

2 things to consider.

  1. There are 38,000 gigs offering “logo” (It was 30,000 last week). That is alot of competition. Most people order 1 logo and they are through. Not alot of repeat business.

  2. If you did layouts for “banner ads”, there are about 600 people competing for that work. People will probably reorder banner ads often. This could be repeat customers.

  3. You need to figure out how to make your gig thumbnail so “eye catching” that people want to click on it and see what you have to offer. These thumbnails are viewed really tiny.

    I am not in the logo space, but I am having trouble really seeing samples of your work. The portfolio feature is not showing off your work. I would suggest testing it with your portfolio turned off and upload about three images of your best 3 logo. One on each slide really big.

    The 38,000 people competing is the biggest problem. Getting 4 reviews is a bigger step than you realize. If you go get 100 orders in a different category and reach level 2. Then “logo” will be easier.

Don’t worry orders will come :slight_smile:

Same goes here. I dont received any orders or even PM after changing my Tags and Tittles. My ‘IMPRESSION’ didnt increase at all.

And even I dont receive any single clicks at all…

I guess this thread is true after all…

Share your links on social media gigs

Ok how great, thank you for sharing.