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Didn't get any order from last 2 months

Hi,I am a new seller on fiverr since november 2017.In november and december,i get orders,but recently did not get any order for almost last 2 month.I also changed my gigs,sent buyer requests (10) every day,but dont know what to do :worried:

Have you been marketing and promoting your gig(s) anywhere (other than social media)?

no…i did not promoted any where

but the views,clicks and impressions are good.i dont know why people dont order me now :disappointed:

You’re using a photo of an Indian actress as a profile picture, and your gig images are all over the internet (and not your original design). Any buyer who does a 10-second search would think that you would probably sell them stolen goods, and why take a chance, when there are tens of thousands other designers on Fiverr?


No work… no success.

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Promote your gig daily on social media networks

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