Didn't get any order last 2 month


Last two month i had no order what can i do https://www.fiverr.com/hazirabegum/design-a-professional-business-logo-within-12-hours



From last month most sellers facing this issue from this moth this wil be solved coz most buyers are back to work.

You gig images are attractive enough for impressions and if you do some marketing to share your gigs on social media and you can boost your sales.

By the way i have noted some of your logo mockup styles are same look of another gig which is own by another person even the background image were same you can find that gig from the below link. But i dont know you have copied from him or he is copied from your one. If you copied some others designs immediately delete those images from your gig other wise it will be a problem for you.



Thanks for your suggestion…yeah! mock up are look like but all concept are mine and all are brand new .I made those design for my client. It’s a coincidence that we use same mock up. Thanks for remind me .




Wow, that’s tough. Check out whet the successful people in your category are doing and see if you can make changes - don’t copy but compete.


Thank you so much…