Didn't get any orders yet


Hello everyone,
i am a new seller of fiverr. now i am spending 32nd day of fiverr i got 4 orders within 3 days after i started my account. ( 3 orders came from buyer requests another order came from directly ) i sending offers to the buyers request every day but not not any orders received yet. can anyone help me?


As a buyer may choose to leave a review or not suggest you remove “I only need a good review” from your profile description as this may put some buyers off.


thank you soo much for your advice…


That’s much better. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you :+1::grinning:


This is incorrect, just as your topic title is extremely misleading. You – and your topic title – state that you “didn’t get any orders yet”. However, you HAVE receive orders – four of them, by your own admittance. Please stop being so overdramatic.

You have earned four sales already, in your first 32 days on Fiverr – congratulations! Now, if you want more sales, and you aren’t earning more sales than those four here on Fiverr, get out there into the world and market and promote your gigs. YOU have the ability to EARN your sales. Get busy doing that, instead of complaining that you don’t have more than four sales in 32 days.

Some sellers didn’t earn their first sale for months. You earned four in one month. Be happy with what you’ve achieved so far, and get out there and achieve better!


Thank you for telling me these things . now i know what to do thanks!:+1:


Now you just need to do them. :wink:


@jonbaas This is you favorite emoji:wink:


I have no favorite emojis. But this is the emotion I express most often.


Hello :slight_smile:
I think its better to sending custom offer for the clients. Go to selling> buyers request and tell them u can complete their requests.



I also face this problem. I am not getting any order after complete 4 order. :confused::confused::confused:


Okay Thanks !!:grinning: