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Didn't Get Back My TRS

I was a Top Rated Seller, then I got demoted twice. Then I rose once again to level 2. Yesterday I’m told that I had been nominated for TRS, today I got this:

Hi fastcopywriter,
After reviewing your profile and Gigs, we’ve decided you will remain at a Level Two status for the time being.

While maintaining the high standards required for this status, we always encourage you to grow and improve. Your account will be evaluated on the 15th of each month, so you can continue on working hard towards earning a promotion.

Here are a few things you can do, to better collaborate with buyers and improve your stats:

  1. Review your Gig to make sure it’s accurate, and that you’re offering things you can deliver at a high quality.

  2. Make sure you offer only one Gig per unique service. Duplicating your Gig is misleading and won’t benefit your business.

  3. Review your pricing and make sure it’s aligned with your offering.

  4. Make sure you represent yourself and your skills accurately.

  5. Communicate clearly and quickly, both when chatting in the inbox or during orders.

  6. Make sure you keep our community safe by following our TOS.

For more information, please view your stats or contact our customer support team.
Good luck,
The Fiverr Team

That’s absolutely ridiculous! I was TRS for a very long time, like 2-years, then Fiverr changed the system and I adapted to the new system, now I get the same form letter everyone else is getting?

“2. Make sure you offer only one Gig per unique service. Duplicating your Gig is misleading and won’t benefit your business.”

How is it misleading to have on gig for Teespring headlines and one for general headlines? What’s misleading about that?

“5. Communicate clearly and quickly, both when chatting in the inbox or during orders.”

What’s unclear about “Please order. You can go ahead and order. Place you’re order. Here’s a custom offer.”

So I guess I should celebrate the fact that I’m not getting demoted. Level 2, level 1, what does it matter? I’m still making peanuts compared to before.

Fiverr doesn’t care, they don’t care that some categories have no TRS gigs, they don’t care that clients looking for a TRS won’t find one.


I think those are just generic things to consider, not aimed directly at you. As I’ve received those exact same things every month as well, and are not something that need to be improved.

Odd though if you were once considered eligible, and suddenly not. Unless you have changed something in the past years? :thinking:


If anything, I’ve gotten better. I’m no longer rude to clients, I don’t do some of the horrible things I used to do, my ratings are better, but alas, once you get demoted, you might rise to level 2, but good luck becoming TRS.

I thought about writing CS, but they don’t have a category for my issue, so why bother?

I’m getting this message from last 4 times :wink: :wink:


I feel you buddy. I got that same exact email several times now. I meet all the criteria, bringing in around $2.5k a month on the platform, why no TRS?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m convinced fiverr have given us this new system to make us work our asses off, bending over backwards to make sales and please clients, in the hope of getting promoted. Gives the buyer a better experience, knowwhatimsaying?


I think there was a mistake with the rating system yesterday where they promoted people twice. Several people talked about this. I was just promoted to level 2 and yet got the message that i am nominated for TRS

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And i too got the same canned message “…will remain at a Level Two status…” depite being trs for 5 years


Totally. Buyers are #1, sellers are #2.

I don’t see it that way. The best relationships are those of equals, turning sellers into second class citizens will not attract the best sellers.

Thanks for letting me know. I guess we’re all in the same boat. Maybe Fiverr needs 4 categories:
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3

Level 3 gets 7-day payments just like TRS. that would encourage lots of sellers to improve their metrics.


I was a TRS for 6 years, got demoted a few months ago because I had a HUGE influx of cancellations from buyers who “Ordered on accident” one month and my completion percentage went to 89%, have not been promoted back to TRS since.

I have 100% of all my statistics and 100% positive feedback, over 6,500 gigs sold and 4,500 reviews.
Unfortunately, you’re not the only one they ripped the rug out from under and never put it back.
I’m a little irate that I keep getting the same canned “Please grow and improve” message. I have added several new gigs over the past few months, raised prices, and still provide good customer service — there’s really nothing else I can do to “grow or improve” if I continue to get dismal sales now since the new search algorithms basically cause everyone to get jumbled together. I still get orders at level 2, but my sales have dropped substantially from when I was a TRS.

I’m right there with you! :sleepy:


I finally reached the TRS goal too and received the same “You will stay at Level Two message.” I almost prefer they don’t say anything. #heartbreak :cry: :woman_facepalming:

I am totally on board with a Level 3. Only because the difference between sellers in Level Two is so varied. It at least gives us something more to look forward/strive to rather than a “Maybe next time” message.


Don’t worry… I face same problem. Was TRS for many years, my story was up at Fiverr blog… almost give up to aim TRS badge again. Just focus the best.

I expect, Fiverr will always keep change they system. Maybe next 6-12 month we will have new system and win-win situation.


I was a TRS since 2011 and lost my TRS few months ago.
After that I nominated for TRS 3 months repeatedly but they decided to keep me @ level 2 yet. I don’t know why was that.


This is my BIGGEST problem with these “requirements” for TRS.
It makes me feel like the people creating the requirements haven’t actually bought anything from the website before. When it comes to creative writing, illustrations, logos. There are themes, genres, styles, that are all completely different. It should be ENCOURAGED to show off the different styles and abilities we can provide. It is only adding to the amount of revenue they receive.

As a buyer if I was looking for a romance novel. I would type. “Romance writer” verses typing “ghostwriter” I would want to find someone in my specific genre that can provide the best results. Being a seller, I can write in several different genres so why not cater to the buyers and give them multiple options to choose from. That is what drives me nuts.
Someone might be looking for a minimalist logo, or watercolor illustrations. Multiple gigs in the same “unique” service shouldn’t be a negative.

ALSO: I may be completely misreading this requirement, if so, someone please tell me because I’m losin’ it! :dizzy_face::see_no_evil:

Ok. My rant over, I feel better.

@hi5_fiver @fast_editing I have a question as you are desperate to be what you were (TRS), I wanted to know did you sales go down after being demoted?

This is regarding people saying Level don’t matter :slight_smile:

If you dont mind can i ask you a question please?

Definitely… It reduced my sales by 50%.


Thanks for your answe :slight_smile:

This is the definition given by them:

This elite group of Sellers enjoy a growing number of exclusive benefits, as they continue on providing Buyers with an overall excellent experience. Please note that this is a manual process - once you meet the following requirements, we will look back on your performance. Once our team confirms your eligibility, you’ll be ranked as a Top Rated Seller.

Since they manually go through each and every nomination, they should give a customized explanation for not making it to the coveted group, instead of the standard note. This would definitely enhance the seller experience and people can work towards the points shared. I understand that it is difficult to customize the explanation for every nomination, but then they are anyways going through the profile manually and it wouldn’t take a lot of extra effort in summarizing the reasons why someone didn’t make the cut.


I always thought that it meant that you shouldn’t have duplicates like “professional logo”, “great logo”, “awesome logo”, and so on, which all offer the same service (logo). Some sellers create duplicates because they’ve read somewhere that it will bring them more sales and that they should have as many gigs as they can.