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Didn't get first order yet?

Thanks for the tips!

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Hey @keiracarmen you are right. Each seller on fiverr must have same attitude like you. Don’t worry about the order just keep going. Results will come in secret way you don’t need think HOW it will.


Thanks a lot for your encouragement! Thanks for the tip

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thanks to your advice and encouragement for all new members in here :smiley:

Thank you so much for this article

Thanks For Your Tips

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another good thing would be to try buyer requests

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thanks…tell me how we find which service is demanding /popular

Thank you so much…:slight_smile:

Very helpful tips.Thanks a lot.

Very useful advice.Thanks very much

Thank you, I am sure that soon everyone will start selling. Good luck to all


Thanks for your real advise…keep in your prayer.

Thanks for your best message for newer.

Your tips keep me active on fiverr. Request to you that post like this again again and again.

I also did not get my first order yet :frowning:

I got the first order but unfortunately we have to cancel the order mutually, what should I do now

thanks for motivating us

Thanks a lot for your help!!

i have the same problem so thank you for the advice :+1::+1: