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Didn't get new orders in last month

Hello there,
I am level 2 seller here and my states are almost 100% with all 5 stars reviews. Mostly i get new order every day and lots of buyer contacts me in inbox. But from last few weeks not even single new buyer contact me and my gigs are not showing in first 20 pages. Don’t know whats happening…
Got few orders only from regular buyers who has saved my gig but didn’t received any single message or request from new clients. I know CS will not help with this.
Can anyone suggest me for updates or whats going on?


All buyers go thru times without sales every now and then


I will admit I’m in the same boat as you.
In fact it’s been quite since June
A lot of sellers are experiencing this.
All you can do is ride it out or tweak a few things.
Next month it should pick up, but I can’t see it myself.

yes, its been worst month on fiverr after i joined… I am trying few updates and tweaks but not succeed yet.

Are you doing anything to market and promote your gigs? Perhaps that may help you bring in more customers.

Yes, I am sharing my gigs on social media, daily sends proposals to buyer requests and few other things with seo but not getting even messages too.

It’s happen with me too, even my account now drop into no leve LOL . I just analize this and i think all my gigs is drop into last page, now try to improve something and start new gigs hope it will get better soon, since from my observation nowadays fiverr algorithm is good to new seller but a bit doesn’t care to old seller that drop their sales.

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