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Didnt Get Order After One Order

I am new user around 2 week,

I got a order and Complete successfully. But I don’t get anymore order

Please help me and suggest me.

I share my gig Facebook, twitter. all social network. But didn’t get order. :frowning:

Please study the FAQ forum for beginners it’s a great place to learn. This post belongs there. Follow the Fiverr Do’s and Dont’s located at the top of each forum. Be sure to use the search function to find any topic of interest


All gig’s pic is real … so what I do now?

First, you should have a real picture of yourself for your gig photo. When you put a false picture of yourself, it tells the customer that your work samples may be false, also. Also your English needs cleaned up - you need proper grammar and capitalization, plus paragraphs separating different pieces of information. Good luck!