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Didn't get Order last 30 days

when i was new seller i used to get knock from new buyer , but now i am level 1 seller and i didn’t get any knock from new buyer in last 30 days -_-

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Nope! That’s not true! I saw that you had 7 purchases in the last 30 days!


these are my old buyer , i am talking about new buyer

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When you have orders from old buyers, new will came too!

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Perhaps you should be happy that you have any buyers at all. Why are you assuming that new sellers are more valuable than returning buyers who already like working with you?

I recommend that you be less demanding, and work with the people that already like your work. Then, work hard to get out there into the world and tell potential new customers what you can do for them. Customers and buyers do not appear out of thin air. You’re going to have to go find them.