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Didnt get work what should i do?

i have a level 2 seller account but I didn’t find any job last 2 month what should I do please anyone can help me this is my account

Just a quick thought:

When I look at your gigs, I see that you promise to deliver most of them within two hours. To me, as a buyer, it makes it seem like this will force you to always be in a rush to finish your orders. I will wonder if you are going to make mistakes or cut corners. This makes me less likely to order from you.

Also, my personal experience is that I have never had anyone actually deliver on time when they promise crazy-fast turnaround times, such as delivery in 2, 6, or 12 hours.


Agreed, 2 hours to design a flyer doesn’t seem very feasible, so if I were a buyer I’d question the quality of the work. I’d expect at best a mock-up flyer or something pre-fab in 2 hours, but not an original, fully designed flyer.


Ok then Will Remove That Kind of Promises from gig?

Please Give Me tips And Tricks