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Didn't got any order of this Gig! What should i do?


I have created background removal service for 1 month but didn’t get any order. impression, click, views are also low. how to improve my gig?
check please


This GIG provides Best Service of Image Background removal

Does it? ‘Best’ according to whom?

I Will Provide 100% Manually Background Removal Service.I’m highly skilled and I’m using pen the tool. If you need image masking we are using latest Photoshop masking techniques to remove the background from images such as hair.

Grammatical errors aside, who is ‘we?’ What is ‘pen the tool?’ Are you saying that ‘hair’ is a background object? I’m not clear on any of this.

Why will you hire me?

This almost reads like a threat.

If You Think I’m Worthy of Your Work.Please Hire Me Your Project.I’ll be Responsible for Your Photoshop Editing & Remove Background to Make Look Best.

Grammatical errors aside, this comes across as desperate. Also, your use of capital letters for every word in this sentence would have deterred me from conducting business with you all on its own.

Good luck to you.


I also provided background removal service and believe firstly you need to correction your gig then other things.


Thanks a lot. :blush:


full gig? and what need to change?


Can you please see my gigs and highlight the errors in them?


try againglarge