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Didn't got any order on fiverr

I opened my fiverr account since August 25,2020…
But did not get a single order on it…
What should i do now…
plz rply respective & experienced person …


It takes time and effort to build your Fiverr business.

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I’ve joined fiverr in jan 2021, I don’t have much experience ,I have completed only 3 orders . But I can give you some tips that might help you:

You need to analyze your gig statistics:

  1. First if you’re not getting any impressions on your gig, try editing it a little by changing title and changing key words(search tags). You’ll have to think as a buyer for this.

  2. Secondly if you’re having impressions but no clicks ,it means you need make the title and front picture of the gig more attractive as these are only things the buyer see before clicking (except reviews)

  3. Finally if you’re getting clicks as well but still no orders, this means you need to make description of the gig better, try making a gig video , try adding FAQs, or maybe changing prices might help.

I hope this helps you get your orders.


Yes, great tips. Thank you

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If you have been here since August of 2020 and still have not received any orders, then the simple answer is, something is wrong with your Gig.

Either it is not attractive to potential buyers, so they don’t bother to click on it to learn more OR, if they do click on it, there are errors or other things that are turning them off from buying your service.


It could be that you created Gigs in categories that a bazillion other sellers are already in, and it is like being a needle in a haystack - you just blend in and it is near impossible to be seen or gain traction here unless you know enough about marketing your Gig/yourself to get orders.

I am going to guess though that you offer a service that is in a category that is already overrun with sellers and getting new ones everyday.



thank you brother for your kind information

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Yes, I appreciate your opinion ,
Thank you for your kind information…
I’ll try to recover my mistakes…

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You should research your work topic then you can find out your weakness. If you get your weakness then you will able solve it and you will be strong with your work topic.

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