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Didnt got any order yet


I didn’t got any order yet


The same is here. But as i’m new to Fiverr i think i should know more about how to advertise my GIG and to promote my services. the other thing to pay attention to is the packages’ prices. I wish you get the first order sooner and find your way to the top.


I did not even get any sell in the first month. After that, I started sending buyer request regularly daily. After some time the order began to be mine. Remember, the proposal is the most important.


in shaa allah…u too will get an order soon


where’s that buyer request I couldn’t find…am jut new here…3 days

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Don’t worry, You will get orders very soon.


Login to your account then click on MORE button. Then you will see an option named Buyer Request. Try to send them custom offer when you get any buyer request.

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I can point out a few mistakes you are making.
Your avatar image is Batti Gul Meter Chalu ( and I doubt you are him),
your photoshop gig has no clear sample images, just letters.
How do you expect buyers to trust your skills??


I got your point brother thank u so much I will look forward to it & make chance sooner in shaa allah


please check this I couldn’t find any buyer request as well…

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Buyers will come at a point of time. You need to check it regularly. There is no fix time.


I think it’s quite normal for there to be no buyers requests. I don’t see them very often either… You need to have a good timing I guess…


Try to active forum.


Check this: Buyer Requests - Leadership Suggestions on Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, BR FAQ's, Times, Issues Etc.) for helpful information.


With moderate experience, i can advice all newbies that there is no such thing as advertise your gigs on Fiverr, but there are few minute things which will bring your gigs on top of others.

  1. Check other similar gigs and frequently fine tune them.
  2. Keep open the Fiverr on your browser and refresh your pages frequently.
  3. Install Fiverr app on your mobile and keep a ringtone to your Fiverr app notification so that in a couple of seconds you can respond to your clients.
  4. Don’t ignore any message from anyone even if it is irrelavant, just respond as you cannot provide the service, because Fiverr tracks the response time.
  5. As a newbie alway start with less amount, less time taking gigs so that your profile get some review.

All the best :+1:


Create professional gigs related your experience and spent much times on fiver so i think you get a batter result.

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Best of luck you will be get soon.:+1:

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Bro online on your fiver account after clock12:30 and chack buyer request and try to reload page again and again so 80% chance you get buyer request.


I got one bro, I sent him offer request let me hope for the reply

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Best of luck brother.:sunglasses:

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